Local SEO Edmonton

Local SEO Edmonton

We help your business grow faster in Edmonton or your local region’s or places you do the business. Our experts increases your business search visibility in local web and map search. You get more customers if your business is more visible to targeted audience. We expertise in optimizing both your google my business listings and website in maps and on search results.

Benefits of Local SEO

Optimization of your business in local search and maps often result in high organic traffics. This means you get more visitor on your website or business page which result in higher conversion rates.

Importance of Local SEO

Business that operates and serves in local area’s and cities often face problem selling products or service online. Local SEO helps in ranking a business or a website higher in search results and maps. Better ranking of a local business or a website results in driving more customers and sales.

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How do we get your Business ranked high

Website Audit

We audit your website to find the current SEO status of your local business listing. It helps us in building strategies for your business local SEO.

Keyword Research

We discover the most targeted keywords in your business platform. This helps us optimizing your content and information to get you ranked up for specific keywords.

Competitor Research

Our experts research for competitors in your industry ranked up for the same or related keywords. This helps us building strategies to compete them.

Optimizing Information

We make sure that your business information's are accurate and same in all the directories and social platforms. Which often result in getting up ranked high.

Marking Structure Data

Search engines grabs information's about your business from structure data's in your website. accurate and proper marked up structure data leads in ranking up high.

Speed Optimization

Displaying first meaningful content and paint plays an important role in ranking your website. We make sure your website speed is optimized to access easily and friendly.

GMB Optimization

Optimizing google my business is the key to get your local business ranked up high in local search. We update your posts, pictures etc. regularly to keep your listing live and engaged.

Optimizing Blogs & Contens

Often search engines mark the business or website as inactive when you don't update them time to time. We keep posting blogs and fresh content to keep the site active.

Social Media Optimization

Social media activity is also a ranking factor for search engines. Left out business pages doesn't rank high. We keep your business page updated and live to optimize your rank.

Link Building & Backlinking

Link building and Backlinking is a major Local SEO Factor. Quantity and quality of inbound links to your website from other resources helps the website to rank high.

Sitemap Validation

We make sure that your website has a valid sitemap with no validation error and is indexed in search engines. Search engines discovers web pages with it's sitemap.

Indexing and Crawling

It's very important that your website is discoverable and indexed in search engines. We make sure that your website is not blocking the bots from crawling.
We provide you detailed work overview and performance reports
  • We keep you updated with your website local SEO performance report from time to time.
  • We provide you a brief of work that our experts do to rank your website high.
  • You don’t need to worry about your website maintenance because we take total care of it when we are doing the SEO.